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How To Go To Advanced Settings on Instagram

    How To Go To Advanced Settings on Instagram

    How To Go To Advanced Settings on Instagram


    Since Instagram was bought by Meta (which at the time was called Facebook), the user interface of the app has changed.

    Part of what has changed is the navigation within the app. This has affected the way you access settings on Instagram and make changes to your preferences.

    Some users find it’s now difficult to locate the settings and advanced settings within Instagram

    Advanced Settings in Instagram

    You’re here because you’re wondering how to go to advanced settings on Instagram. The unfortunate truth is there are no “advanced settings” anymore.

    The recent change to the user interface has removed the advanced settings button and un-nested all of the settings options.

    Unfortunately, the settings can still be difficult to find, so we can share how to navigate to your settings here.

    How To Find Instagram Settings

    Here’s how you can find the settings section in Instagram and access what used to be buried within advanced settings:

    • Open the Instagram App
    • In the bottom right corner, tap on your profile photo
    • This will take you to your profile page
    • On the top right, click the hamburger icon (it looks like three horizontal stripes)
    • From here you can click on the first option which should be settings

    Voila, you’ve made it into the settings area. This is the spot where you can do things like hide your read receipts.

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