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How To React To Messages on Instagram

    How To React To Messages on Instagram

    How To React To Messages on Instagram


    Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and it has grown in popularity with both teens and adults. If you have an Instagram account, you might be familiar with Instagram Direct Messages. In this article, we will explain how to use those messages on your iPhone or Mac.

    Where To Find Messages on Instagram

    You can find messages on the Messages tab, which is in the navigation menu at the top of the screen. If you’re on a mobile device, tap this menu button and it will open up your main inbox. On desktop, click on “Messages” in blue at the bottom of your screen under Manage.

    The Messages tab also displays your full message feed with all conversations you’ve had with people that have messaged you. You can scroll through it to see if there are any new ones or swipe right to go back to older messages that may not have been deleted yet (not sure why someone would still keep old ones though). The number next to each conversation shows how many unread messages there are—so if one person has five unread messages from them then maybe they need some attention!

    Read on to find out how to react to messages on Instagram.

    How To React To Messages on Instagram on iPhone

    To react to a message on Instagram, follow these steps:

    • Tap the message icon. This is the top-right button with a plus symbol in it.
    • Tap the message. A screen will appear with your chat history, showing all previous messages and photos sent between you and this person. This may include any private messages that have been sent from within Instagram as well as emails from Instagram itself (you can read more about what they are here).
    • Tap the reaction icon at the bottom of your message thread, then tap on one of six icons to choose how you’re feeling right now—heart eyes, thumbs up, etc.—and tap “Send.”

    How To React To Messages on Instagram on Mac

    To react to a message, open the message in your inbox.

    Beside the message you’ll see a small smiley face in gray. If you tap this icon, it will bring up a list of emojis you can use to react to the message you received. The person your messaging will get a notification and see you’ve provided a reaction to their message.


    So, next time someone sends you a message on Instagram and you’re not sure how to respond, try using Reactions. It’s a quick and easy way of letting someone know that you’ve read their message and that there’s no need for them to wait around expecting a response.

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