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How To Reply To Messages On Instagram

    How To Reply to Messages on Instagram?

    How To Reply To Messages On Instagram


    Instagram is the social media platform that everyone loves. It’s a place where you can show off your beautiful pictures, let people know what you’re up to today, and chat with your friends. And one of the things that makes Instagram so fun is being able to send direct messages to your friends and followers.

    This allows you to chat privately, without other Instagram users being able to see your conversation, and it lets you have more of a back and forth conversation than you may want to have on somebody’s post comments. Perhaps you want to see what your friend is up to this weekend or ask them what filter they used on their post.

    If you want to know how to reply to messages on Instagram, then keep reading this article!

    How To Read Messages On Instagram?

    You can read and reply to messages from the inbox. Open Instagram and tap the inbox icon. Tap the message you want to read, then tap Reply at the bottom of your screen.

    To reply: Enter your text into the response field and tap Send.*

    How To Reply to Messages on Instagram?

    Instagram has a messaging feature (that is now also closely linked with Facebook’s messaging feature), allowing you to have private conversations with other Instagram users.

    Here’s how to reply to messages on Instagram:

    • Tap on the message to open it
    • Tap on the reply icon
    • Type your reply
    • Tap on send

    Can You Tell When Someone Has Read Your Instagram Message?

    When a person receives your message, you can see that they’ve read it if you look at the top of their message. The blue bar on top means that they have read it (or maybe just seen it).

    If you want to know for sure, then check the time stamp of their response. If it’s more recent than yours, then they’ve responded after reading your message!

    How To Block Someone From Messaging You on Instagram

    To block someone from sending you messages:

    Tap the message thread. Tap the person’s name. Tap Block to confirm. To unblock someone from sending you messages: Tap the profile icon (represented by a square with a person inside). Tap the three dots in the top right corner of your screen, then choose Unblock Blocked User/Accounts.


    All in all, it is important for all users to understand the features of Instagram and its private messaging feature. This platform is one of the most popular social media networks, so it is essential to know how it works.

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