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How To See If Someone Saved Your Post on Instagram

    How To See If Someone Saved Your Post on Instagram

    How To See If Someone Saved Your Post on Instagram

    Sometimes on Instagram, you might want to get a sense of how your followers are interacting with your profile.

    It’s pretty easy with your likes and follower counts. You can see if your crush liked your recent post, or maybe an ex unfollowed you – but what about saved posts?

    Who knows maybe some

    We’ll help you figure out how to see if someone saved your post on Instagram.

    What Is A Saved Post on Instagram?

    You’ve probably noticed that your Instagram feed is full of posts from accounts you don’t follow. If you’re like us, you’ve wondered how those posts are showing up in the first place. The answer: saved posts.

    When one of your followers likes a post on your profile, they have the option to “save” it so that they can see it again later. At first glance, this feature may seem like an annoyance, but we think it’s actually pretty awesome. It means that people can easily view your posts later if they missed them when they were first posted (and it’s also really nice when you want to revisit old content).

    How To See If Someone Saved Your Post on Instagram – The Manual Way

    If you want to check and see if any of your followers have saved any of your posts, open up the profile page of the user who followed you (in this case, we’ll use @instagram). Then scroll down until you see “saved.” Next to each saved post will be a number indicating how many times it was saved by users who follow this account.

    You can also find out whether or not someone has saved any of your posts by checking out their profile

    The Other Approach

    You can also see statistics or insights on your individual posts. Maybe you

    This will tell you things like the number of accounts that have engaged with your content, your reach, etc. In order to see these stats though, you need to set your profile as a business or creator.

    Once you have your creator account set up, you can see your insights by doing the following:

    1. Go to your profile.
    2. Tap the Insights action button.
    3. You can also go to the hamburger menu button in the upper right corner, and tap Insights.
    4. Tap the metrics under the Overview section or specific content you’ve shared for a more detailed breakdown.

    This will help you see if your post has been saved, and how many times. Unfortunately there’s no way to see who saved your post but you can see if it’s been saved.

    Now you know how to see if someone saved your posts on Instagram – go out there and create! Maybe take a spin on TikTok too – we’ve got some guides that have you covered there too :).

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