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What Does We Restrict Certain Activity Mean on Instagram?

    What Does We Restrict Certain Activity Mean on Instagram?

    What Does We Restrict Certain Activity Mean on Instagram?

    If you’ve ever seen the error message “We restrict certain activity” pop up on your Instagram account, it’s likely you were trying to post something that Instagram felt was spam. If you’re wondering what does we restrict certain activity mean on Instagram?

    While the app is full of cat videos and inspirational quotes (both of which are important!), it also has a set of specific rules about what you should and shouldn’t post. If you stopped to think about it, this makes sense: if every account owner could do whatever they want with their posts, Instagram would quickly become an unusable mess (and if we’re being honest, it’s already pretty close). While these rules might be confusing at first glance, they’re not hard to understand once you know the basics. Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

    Certain Activity is Restricted

    We restrict certain activity means that Instagram has restricted your account for violating Instagram’s Terms of Use.

    Instagram’s Terms of Use are available here.

    You can’t see Instagram’s Terms of Use in-app, or anywhere else on the app.

    The only way to access Instagram’s Terms of Use is through an internet browser (for example, Chrome, Safari or Firefox).

    Were you Restricted?

    If you’re seeing messages related to restricting certain activity, it’s likely that your account has been restricted because you’ve been posting spam or content that is generally against the terms of use.

    Spamming is not allowed on Instagram, and is defined as posting multiple photos or videos of the same thing in a short period of time. If you’re trying to push a product or promote an event, then this isn’t the right way to do it!

    Instagram restricts user actions to maintain the integrity and quality within the platform.

    If you want to get back into good graces with Instagram, here are some tips on keeping your account safe:

    Only share what you love on social media—if it’s not authentic content and doesn’t reflect who you are as a person, don’t post it! This means no sharing memes that aren’t funny just because they have big “LOL” text written across them; no sharing anything generic unless there’s something special about it (like maybe there are puppies).

    Ultimately if Instagram’s algorithm determines that you are posting content against their terms of service in some way, they will restrict your access to improve the experience for other users. Most typically, this is automatic action against bots and things of that nature, but it can be applied to actual individuals as well.

    There are Workaround

    Being restricted sucks, but it’s not as bad as being shadowbanned, for example.

    Slowdown Your Activity

    Have you been liking and sharing nonstop (maybe you’ve been doing like for likes, or follow backs)? If so, this may have caused Instagram to think you’re a bot and ban you. The first thing to do is slow down your activity or any spammy messages/posts, and act more like a standard user sharing life updates.

    Fill Out Your Profile

    To help remove the restriction from your current account, fill out your profile details to make it as realistic as possible to a standard (non-bot) user. You’ll need to provide your username, email address and phone number.

    You will then be asked for proof of identity, which can be done by uploading a copy of an ID or passport photo page (or other form of identification).


    If you’re getting this message, you’re likely in a bit of a pickle. Instagram has decided to disable certain functions on your account and/or hide content that you’ve posted. However, if you read through our guide above, it’s likely that they’ll be able to reverse the restriction if they find out more information about what happened to your account. If nothing else works though, just start a new account!

    Hopefully this answered the question “What Does We Restrict Certain Activity Mean on Instagram?” for you.

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