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Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers?

    Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers?

    Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers?


    Have you ever daydreamed about leaving your job and becoming an influencer? While it might seem like a far-fetched fantasy, there are people out there who are doing it right now. The highest-paid influencers rake in millions of dollars every year; sometimes even just for one post! So, if you’re curious about who’s making the big bucks, keep reading to learn Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers?


    Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers?

    First up on the list of Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers? is PewDiePie.

    PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber and video game commentator. He began uploading videos of himself playing video games on YouTube in 2010, and by 2016 he was the most subscribed to channel on the platform. He has over 93 million subscribers, making him one of the highest-paid influencers on YouTube. His real name is Felix Kjellberg and he went to Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.

    PewDiePie’s net worth is $20 million

    Jeffree Star

    Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers?

    Next on the list of Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers? is Jeffree Star.

    Jeffree Star is a YouTuber, makeup artist, singer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and has a net worth of $185 million.

    In addition to his YouTube channel (which has over 14 million subscribers) and cosmetics company, he makes money from his music career and endorsements from companies like ColourPop Cosmetics. He also sells products on his website

    DanTDM – Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers?

    Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers?

    You might not have heard of DanTDM, but he’s probably one of the most influential gamers out there. He has over 16 million subscribers on YouTube and another 1.3 million on Twitch, which makes him one of the highest paid influencers on both platforms in 2019.

    DanTDM is also known for his collaboration with talented artists like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins in Fortnite which works as a great way to generate more income for this young gamer. If you want to become an influencer yourself, you can learn more about it here!

    Vanoss Gaming

    Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers?

    Vanoss Gaming is one of the most popular YouTubers on the planet, with over 20 million subscribers. He and his wife Alissa Violet are known for their gaming content—Vanoss posts Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto videos while Alissa posts Fortnite and Roblox. Vanoss is also a big fan of pranks, as you can see in this hilarious video where he scares his friend into thinking that they’re going to be eaten by zombies:

    It’s not hard to see why Vanoss has so many fans; he’s funny, charismatic and just plain likable (not to mention handsome). It’s no surprise to see him on the list of Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers? but in addition to being one of the highest-paid YouTubers out there, he has also appeared in a handful of movies including the upcoming comedy “Uncle Drew.”


    Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers?

    Irish YouTuber Jacksepticeye has accumulated a net worth of $15 million. He is known for his video game-based comedic content and has over 12 million subscribers on his channel. Jacksepticeye was born on July 25, 1990 in Galway, Ireland. He has had two children with his wife, Francesca Tomasi: one son named Seán Michael and one daughter named Brigid Francesca.


    Markiplier, a.k.a. Mark Fischbach, is a YouTube gamer and gaming commentator who has been entertaining the masses for more than five years with his Let’s Play videos. The Ohio-born game enthusiast is one of the most successful YouTubers of all time, boasting over 35 million subscribers and netting in millions every year from both sponsored posts and merchandise sales—an income that reached $13 million in 2019 alone according to Forbes’ annual list of highest paid influencers.

    In addition to his massive following on YouTube, Markiplier also has a presence on Twitch where he hosts several shows each week while playing various titles such as Apex Legends or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey with other popular streamers like Ninja or Dr Disrespect (who himself made this list).

    Logan Paul

    Logan Paul is a YouTube personality and actor who rose to fame on the social media app, vlog squad. He has more than 16 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Logan became a full-time YouTuber when he started making money from his videos in 2015. He was even named one of Forbes’ Top Influencers in 2018 because he makes so much money from endorsements, sponsorships and merchandise sales.

    Logan’s net worth is estimated at $160 million — but you probably didn’t know that!

    James Charles

    James Charles is a 20-year-old makeup artist with over 18 million followers on Instagram. He’s also YouTube’s first male brand ambassador for Maybelline New York and Cover Girl. Charles has worked with celebrities like Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Kim Kardashian as well as brands like MAC Cosmetics, NARS Cosmetics, Smashbox Cosmetics, NYX Professional Makeup and Ulta Beauty.

    He began posting beauty tutorials in October 2016 after being featured on the app by his older sister who was working there at the time. In May 2017 he began posting daily vlogs which have gained him over 2 million subscribers on YouTube; he has since left the platform twice due to the controversy surrounding him but has returned both times because of fan support!

    Ninja (Tyler Blevins)

    Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers?

    Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, is a professional esports player who has a net worth of $7.5 million.

    Ninja is one of the highest-paid influencers in the world. He has over 100 million followers on Twitch and earns an estimated $500k per month from his channel alone.

    Ninja also participates in major gaming events like E3 and EVO where he makes additional money by participating as an influencer for brands like Red Bull or Cards Against Humanity (see below).

    Lilly Singh

    Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers?

    Last on the list of Who Are The Highest Paid Influencers? is Lilly Singh.

    Lilly Singh is the highest-paid female influencer as of 2019. She is a Canadian-Indian comedian, vlogger, and actress who has been on YouTube since 2010. Lilly was born deaf in her right ear but had to have surgery at age three to correct the issue.

    She became the first female YouTuber to reach 10 million subscribers in December 2015 and then again reached that milestone with her channel’s total number of views in December 2016. (This means she has more subscribers than any other female YouTuber.) She also holds records for being one of only four people ever to become a YouTube partner before reaching 1 million subscribers and becoming the first female YouTuber to reach 1 billion views on her channel by 2017.


    So there you have it: the top 10 highest paid influencers! Of course, these are just a few examples of the type of influencer that is currently making big bucks. There are several other types of influencers, from travel to fashion and everything in between, so if you’re looking for some inspiration for your own content creation then take a look at our list today!

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